nt, and then listened to the fifth cousin of Basha, who looked a little younger, among them, said: “We seem to have not seen Tracy for many years. “The

second cousin of Basha also said with some emotion: “I don’t know if we met, if she can recognize us.”

We walked forward with the magic caravan, which was only a few dozen steps away from the door, but it seemed These few steps are not pleasant to me.

Suddenly, Basha fifth cousin put his hand on my shoulder very familiarly, and said to me kindly: “Hey, Giga, I heard that Uncle Ryanter married a new aunt. When the beautiful aunt got married, she brought a beautiful and capable daughter with you. Take me to get to know you.”

But the second 南京桑拿会所 cousin of Basha looked suspiciously at Ruka the tauren.

The magic caravan parked at my door, and Lion, Fanny, and Nancy were waiting at the door with joy.

Three girls, Cindy, Helena and Becky, accompanied them.

Yingli and Tracy and Katerina did not appear in the crowd.

Tracy is the bride at today’s wedding. Naturally, she has to get up early and dress up. It is not necessary for every relative to come out to greet her.

As the royal princess of Angel Boulder, the distinguished status makes it difficult for Yingli to come out with everyone to greet relatives and friends. If you do this, it will inevitably damage the dignity of the royal family. Therefore, Yingli still needs special attention in this regard. .

The two cheap cousins ??from Aunt Basha’s family saw three young and beautiful girls 南京龙凤论坛 standing next to Fanny from a distance. They just wished they could fly over at once, ignored me, and ran straight to them. In front of Fanny, she greeted Liont and Fanny kindly and politely, but kept looking at Helena and Becky.

The magic caravan stopped at the door. Uncle Horace took the lead to get off the magic caravan and screamed at the two cousins ??with a straight face, and then simply greeted Liont and Fanny.

Then Aunt Basha walked down from the magic wagon with a few children, and embraced Liont a