the window had great attraction, but the messy percussive sound made his heart sink to the bottom. 江苏桑拿论坛 This young man from China may be his only hope.

Before that, it was not that he had not found anyone else to read Baron Thor’s manuscript, but Baron Thor’s out-of-body drawing technique was exactly the same as the map in the expedition log.

None of the dozen or so history and geography experts invited by Andre could understand them at all, and even some outspoken people questioned whether he was 南京夜生活spa论坛 entertaining them with the graffiti of children.

Desperate, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, who had relied on that map to find the manuscript, became Andre’s only hope.

After a long silence, Nanjing Longfeng finally opened his eyes and stopped the small movements of his hands.

“Mr. Andre, let me talk about the requirements of this commission first!”

“I hope to find the remains or relics of Baron 南京楼凤论坛 Thor. Except for his remains, everything else is yours.” After a

pause, Ander Lie slightly awkwardly added, “I won’t go back this time.”

I hope you can go back to

Nanjing Longfeng with a smile and think to yourself, and if you regret once, you can earn a radar station for nothing. What will you give next time? How many radar stations did not give a poplar launch vehicle to play?

“Two questions. 南京桑拿楼凤网 First, if the body is found, how can I be sure that he is Baron Thor? Second, how long is the time limit this time?”

The peak season of the Digger Party is coming soon. If this time is the same as last time and only has two months, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix will have to refuse. Instead of looking for the illusory Baron Thor, the three arrows in the map view him Not good?

“To be honest, I have no way 南京桑拿网 to immediately determine the identity of Baron Thor. After all, more than 100 years have passed. It is hard to

tell if his body is still there.” Andre said very candidly. “But as long as you can find the manuscript Risani The entrance of the Cove Land, as long as there are traces of human activities inside, it c