She gently stroked the girl’s forehead with her hand. The girl tried to gnaw on a piece of fragrant oatmeal, and a layer of fine sweat appeared on the tip of her forehead and nose. She 南京夜生活spa论坛 became very sick when she was eating. Quiet, a very obedient little girl.

The Beastwoman warrior continued: “I brought them here from the wasteland, but I don’t have the ability to make their lives better. There will still be people starving because they don’t have food, some people will be sick and they don’t have money to heal, even Mount Antiya. The temple over there does not allow orcs to enter.” The orc

warrior glanced in the direction of the temple, her big black eyes filled with disappointment.

I think the priests in the temple will definitely not give any help to the orcs. They believe in the Statue of Liberty, and these orcs only believe in their ancestors and have different beliefs. It is impossible for the priests to give holy water to these pagans. . The orc warrior probably didn’t understand the source 南京桑拿会所 of the problem, but simply thought that the priests in the temple also rejected the orcs. In fact, the most fundamental reason was their different beliefs.

She already has some leadership qualities in her body. She continued: “Although it is rich here, it is for humans. People here reject orcs. It is difficult for orcs living here to find jobs, even if they do hard labor. No 南京桑拿按摩网 one hires orcs. Even though we are more powerful than humans and we will keep our duty better, no one wants to believe us. They would rather rot the golden apples on the tree than use our people to help them pick them. ”

Of course you won’t use you to pick golden apples. The people of El City regard the method of brewing golden cider as their most important treasure. How could they easily show it to the orcs!”

There was a look of nostalgia and yearning in her eyes, and in her eyes I seemed to see the snow-capped Beast God Snow Mountain.

She sighed and said: “We have lived here for five years, but we still cannot change t