rrounded by a black solid wood coffee table that can be raised and lowered. Just lower the coffee table and open the sofa cushion to turn it into 南京桑拿网 a large enough double bed. The storage cabinet above the sofa has already prepared a complete set. Pillows and bedding.

On the opposite side of the sofa, an LCD TV is hung above the side door of the carriage, displaying real-time monitoring pictures around the vehicle and the roof and bottom of the vehicle.

Going beyond the sofa lounge area and further in, on the right side of the carriage 南京桑拿论坛 is an integrated flow table, which integrates a drum-type washing machine, a sink, and fills up and down every corner of the storage space and enough tableware.

There is a similar layout on the opposite side of the flow table. Next to the double-eye electric ceramic stove is a hidden sink, a range hood is hung on the wall above the head, and the lockers in the remaining positions are filled with various kitchen utensils. 南京楼凤论坛

Under the stove, there is also a dishwasher and a built-in refrigerator with enough ingredients for the next week.

In addition, two liftable glass windows with a width of one meter and a length of two meters are placed on the left and right walls in a symmetrical layout, providing sufficient lighting requirements for the operating tables on both sides.

Continue to walk inside, the 南京夜网 toilet and bathroom are symmetrically arranged on both sides, and a solid wood sliding door in the middle separates the innermost bedroom from the outside into two worlds.

Entering the bedroom at the rear of the car, there is a huge skylight that can be fully opened or raised directly above the head of two meters by two meters. The big bed under the skylight is the same height as the Nanjing dragon and phoenix ribs, and a solid wood ladder is needed to get to the bed.

Under the double bed, there is a horizontal single bed and a small writing desk, and a small circular window is opened on the walls at both ends to provide enough natural light for the lower bunk.