l market of the Magic Academy. The business in the restaurant is pretty good. The students from the Warrior Academy occasionally gather here. The golden cider can be mixed with lemonade. The owner of the shop ingeniously mixes up different 南京桑拿会所 flavors of alcoholic drinks, all of which dilute the concentration of alcohol as much as possible, making the drinks very popular among students in the college.

Seeing the faces of some students in the academy frequently look at us, which makes Yingli blush.

Among the freshmen in the Magic Academy, the most popular people today, Swift, Thomas, and Tereza, and me, will be whispered no matter where they go. This time, for the first time, our student of magic and the students of the Warrior Academy formed a team to explore together, and the most eye-catching people naturally came into everyone’s sight.

Many warrior apprentices who have returned from Xinliu Valley have almost been treated by me, so every time they meet me, they will greet me friendly and even walk up to say a few words, and they will also 南京夜生活论坛 talk to their friends. Tell the story that happened in Xinliu Valley.

This time it was a separate date with Yingli. We made an appointment to stroll around the small market next to the college. Bobby recommended this restaurant to me. It is said that the fried onion rings and pies are very good. This time I made an appointment with Yingli to get rid of Helena and Becky. It is also because they can be the focus no matter where they go, and also to easily spend the leisurely afternoon of two people.

“When I like to eat di larvae more often, I lived in Haiyinsi when I was a child. There is a long coastline there. There is a lot of di larvae, which is delicious when fried in butter. Then, usually There will also be seafood soup and toast, that’s all.” Yingli broke his fingers and said to me one by one.

To 南京龙凤论坛 be honest, I haven’t eaten di larvae, but it should be a kind of precious sea fish. Ying Li smiled after talking, two beautiful dimples appeared on his cheeks